Saturday, August 6, 2011



Matt Himes of Time Machine Foto ,And I Have teamed up to start this company called Franks Casting, we will be casting all sorts of stuff. We have gottin are first order of kicker pedal's and shift knobs. We will be selling everything in Red brass, Yellow Brass , Aluminum and shortly steel. We will be lunching new item soon as well. Also we will be taking pre-order's in 2 weeks , So break into your piggy banks and be ready yoiu wont want to miss out.
So stay tuned for update's new website,email add, product, tee's , and whatever we can come up with but most of all watch out cause were gona drop some bombs.

Remeber to stay tuned for your pre-ordering there will be some deal's
plz email me with ?????? and leave your feed back on the stuff

thanks from FRANK'S CASTINGS

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